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  • Created behind the chair and not in a boardroom, REDAVID is a promise of something better. Something unique. Top shelf-ingredients and a brand that is authentically Canadian, made in British Columbia. SCIENCE THAT WORKS, STYLING THAT STUNS. We believe every drop…in every product found behind the chair, at the shampoo bowl or before a client steps out…should pamper, nurture, grow and leave hair as beautiful as when the hairdresser’s hands leave it. Not just until the client hits the sidewalk…but until they return. IN FORMULATION WE TAKE NO SHORTCUTS. We source the highest quality, naturally sourced ingredients that treat, reinforce & thicken hair and leave it better than it found it...but most importantly never add weight. CRUELTY-FREE We have a firm commitment against animal testing. Not only do we never test our products on animals, we don’t endorse, request or commission any animal testing on our behalf. PARABEN-FREE Recent scientific studies have raised some concerns regarding cumulative exposure to parabens as a preservative. We use paraben-free preservatives to maintain shelf life. SULFATE-FREE We use sulfate-free technology and formulate all of our shampoos with next generation ingredients that offer luxurious lather, but gentle on natural hair & scalp oils and haircolor.
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  • 4126 Norland Avenue, Burnaby, BC, V5G 3T2
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